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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The long-waited Qt 4.5 Released :)

Qt 4.5 is now officially released.

With the LGPL v2.1 licensing option added, I expect the widespread adoption of Qt into commercial applications!

Qt 4.5 is even better suited for the medical field, combining reliability, performance, flexibility, nice look-and-feel, among other advantages.

Qt 4.5 now has -graphicssystem command-line option to switch the graphics engine of Qt applications to raster or even OpenGL without any change to the code. Yes, your application can draw itself using OpenGL without requiring you to change a single line of code, check:

Moreover, you can have a custom widget plotting itself using OpenGL without requiring the rest of the application to use OpenGL, check:

The LGPL v2.1 has one drawback regarding the use of templates in C++, check:
However, it is stated on the Qt Labs Blogs that Nokia is working on an LGPL exception to overcome this problem. Let's wait and see :)

With a framework so powerful and flexible like Qt, one can ask: Are we watching the dawn of Qt and the sunset of Java and .Net??

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