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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sound in GNU Octave on Debian Lenny

I was very disappointed by the poor sound capabilities of the GNU Ocatve project compared to MATLAB. The playaudio() function was inconvenient with nasty '/dev/dsp device or resource busy' messages. This was until I installed the octave-audio package in Debian and had the powerful sound() and soundsc() functions working.

The nasty thing is that those functions didn't work out of the box. They needed to call a play command from the shell. Finally, I discovered that this command is part of the sox package on Debian. I apt-get install sox and now, sound() and soundsc() are working perfectly!


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Maher said...

But i didn't work with me!!!
I found a solution in


you can download the audio files then put them in your workspace.
Now you can run more than audio funcitons as sound , soundsc.

Best regards,
Maher Elnashrty

Omar said...

Thanks for the tip!