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Thursday, June 26, 2008

I need to visit this blog later on



Anonymous said...

You should...what's interesting about my blog, anything specific?

BioEng Student said...


Thanks or your really nice comment! What a surprise :-O

Sure, I should... We have so many common interests...

I was thinking about getting a new OpenMoko soon enough. I have both Hardy and Debian installed. I worked with the Vortex86SX chip (found on eBox2300SX, but I worked on another board). I am a bit interested in IT and Security, though this is actually more of a hobby.

I posted some comments on your blog and they never made their way to be visible :( I really don't know why! ... But I really like reading your posts!
BTW, I love Germany and I used to work in the German University in Cairo (GUC), Egypt. One of my professors at the University got his PhD from Ulm... I hope I could visit Germany one day, though I am currently at my early days of learning German!!!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, we share many interests. I am happy you find my blog interesting and I apologize for the problems with comments (and trackbacks) on our blog installation. We've configured our blog to allow comments and trackbacks only for 28 days after the article has been posted. Unfortunately, the blog skin we use doesn't integrate this behaviour by hiding the comments and trackback parts after 28 days. Any comments or trackbacks made after the 28days go into nirvana.

Comments or trackbacks made before the time's up are moderated and so far I've not seen any issues with this (except no feedback is given to the commenter that the comment will be moderated before being published).

I should fix these problems later on ;)

You should consider going to school in Germany, it's the best and easiest way to get "into" a different culture.

BioEng Student said...

Thanks for clarifying the issue about commenting on your post. It's very restrictive !!

Yes, I am considering applying for a PhD in a German University. Just I still didn't finish my M.Sc! It's a work in progress :)

Thanks again for useful blog. Hope we can meet one day!

Anonymous said...

I live in Cologne (Köln), let me know if you ever come by there.

I've also updated my comment configuration: http://blog.akkaya.de/blojsom/blog/jpabel/2008/08/02/Commenting-on-entries-in-this-blog