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Thursday, June 12, 2008

BUG! -- the Biomedical Unix Geeks club

Biomedical Engineering make extensive use of software. Signal processing algorithms and other aspects of the biomedical engineering needs extensive study of computer science and software engineering. Unix platform is of special importance in the medical field due to its stability and ubiquity.
This club is for all biomedical engineers who love Unix, Software Engineering and Computer Science.

IMHO, Unix provides the best environment for the study of algorithms and computer science. The Unix tools and development also implements important point of the software engineering. Hence, came the idea of this club.

Please share your ideas with me on how this should go!


BioEng Student said...

Waiting for you comments!

Anonymous said...

Really it's very good idea islam but it needs some effort to push students to learn Linux/Unix instead of windows

BioEng Student said...

I think learning Unix is a MUST for all engineers! I agree that MS-Windows is easier to use but this should be for a normal user who don't understand the internals of a PC. For an engineer, Unix should be the choice as it gives you full control over everything!

BioEng Student said...

I think a good start for our club would be by giving a series of lectures/seminars about the Little Man Computer model. IMHO, this model is the BEST WAY EVER to understand the topics of Computer Architecture, Assemblers, Compilers, Computer Langauges, Java Virtual Machine, Memory Management, etc...

To learn more, please check the following links:
Wikipedia article
Good presentation
A good applet
The original author presentation

You'll find a lot of LMC simulators hosted on the web. Just google for it.

I need feedback on the subject and I need volunteers who can give lectures about this topic in our department!

Anonymous said...

AA, this is an imp. point, really i heard alot about Unix but i didn't know how to deal with, i hope finding volunteers/any one who learned how to deal with Unix, THANKS ENG. Islam about this great suggestion, hope finding volunteers as soon as possible.
"Engineers don't know what is Unix or how to deal with!"How this could be? really i'm so excited for the suggestion of taking lec.s

Unknown said...

dear guys this is mohamed omar
gr8 idea islam
i have just finished studying in the ITI guess what dept UNIX
count me in!!!!!!!
unix the most stable and secure operating system.
we can give lectures about it
i'm one of the volunteers :D
wish to make benefitable as possible cus it's really worthy to learn