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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Free Books on "Design Patterns in C++" and Qt

Today is my lucky day :)

I found two free books about Qt and Design Patterns.

The first book is
C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4

The first edition of this book could be downloaded _legally_ for free here:

The second book is a magnificent one. It is the first book I see to explain C++ and Design Patterns in a Qt-ish style!

The book is free as in freedom! It is released online under the Open Publication License (OPL) here:

This is NOT a book, it is a complete PROJECT that I think people should actively contribute to... The bugzilla server for this project and many useful materials could be found here:

For convenience, you can download the whole book compiled into chm format here:

Enjoy the cute Qt!


Anonymous said...

Realy, thanks alot for this great gift.I'm blessed to you. thanks!

BioEng Student said...

You're welcome!